Thursday, 12 November 2015

Quilting Durham Cathedral?

Am I mad to even be contemplating this?

I was in Durham Cathedral on Monday night, for Evensong with a party of German guests. it was the first time I have been sitting in the Choir since taking up quilting. I found my eyes drawn to the marble marquetry floor - and realised that I was basically looking at a medieval quilt. In stone.

Look at this corners: it is basically flying geese!

 I took some sneaky pics (naughty) while we were showing our guests round afterwards. And I am wondering about trying to actually make a quilt showcasing some of these gorgeous patterns.
Lovely border designs: the middle section could be a great quilt block, too.

Probably would need to use foundation paper piecing for the more complex areas, I suspect?

I'm wondering if FPP designed on a computer would be a good way of replicating these curves/pyramids?
So I will start thinking about this. It might take some time, but wouldn't a Durham Cathedral Quilt be amazing?

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