Sunday, 21 June 2015

Baby Comfort Blanket

This week I turned a quilt square that I made earlier into a tactile comfort blankie for a friend's new baby. It was really surprisingly easy and quick!

 I took a quilt square - one of the string pieced ones I blogged about a few months ago - and sewed on various little ribbon tags around the edges.

I used a variety of different textures and sizes of ribbon.

Top tip - make sure, when you do this, that you sew them with the looped over end facing INWARDS (as in the photo)! Ahem - I did this for the first side, then realised I had sewn all the others with the loops facing out and had to chop them off and redo it.

Make sure that the bits of ribbon are not long enough to cause any sort of entanglement hazard. And I sewed them on with a double line of stitching, just to be double sure that they wouldn't come off when tugged and chewed.

I then laid a piece of baby fleece over the top of the whole thing (right sides together) and sewed all round the edge leaving a gap for turning, turned it the right way out and then handstitched the gap.

Stupidly, I then forgot to take a photo of the finished thing before giving it to mother and baby! But I'm sure you can imagine it. The lovely thing was that even though baby is far too small, at 4 days old, to be stroking and cuddling it yet, she clearly loved the kaleidoscopic patterns on the quilt square and her little eyes were scanning it busily!

The whole thing took less than an hour to make. If I'd had to make the quilt square from scratch, that would have added maybe another hour, but that still makes this a lovely little finish-in-an-evening project. I'm going to make more - I just need more friends to have babies now!

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