Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My first finished quilt!

Here is my first finished quilt! Made for my eldest son, who requested 'grey' and 'not all flowery' and, most importantly, 'soft'.

In response to the last request, it is not traditionally wadded but backed with fleece. I'm sure this is taboo in all sorts of quilting circles, but he loves it! It also made my first ever attempt at the actual quilting relatively straightforward, as there could be quite big gaps between the quilt lines - I just quilted free form wavy lines across the quilt at about 2-3" intervals.

The hardest thing was actually managing the bulk of fabric through the sewing machine, as it is quite big! Goodness knows what it must be like using wadding...

I made the top using a 'jelly roll' of batik strips in a colour way called 'river rock'. The design is based on the idea I'd seen on the cover of a book of jelly roll quilts - just the strips, with additional strips of background fabric in random lengths sewn onto the ends to make it wider and give a staggered frame effect.

I'm really pleased with it! I did enjoy not having to do much cutting - probably my least favourite part of the whole process. So I will definitely use precut strips again. The simple long seams got a bit boring towards the end, though, so I'll probably mix it up a bit more next time - I might try a parquet squares effect with my next jelly roll?

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